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Peace 911 conducts Panag-ambit for Communities in its focus areas

PANAG-AMBIT para sa KALINAW – As part of the Good Governance focus program of Peace 911, the office conducted the Panag-ambit for the Communities in Paquibato and Calinan District of Davao City.

The Peace 911 conducted the Panag-ambit for the Community – focusing its consultation with the residents in its 17 focus area barangays.




June 30, 2023

Barangay Paquibato Proper

Barangay Gym

August 4, 2023

Barangay Colosas

Barangay Gym

August 11, 2023

Barangay Tapak

Barangay Gym

September 5, 2023

Barangay Sumimao, Barangay Malabog and Barangay Fatima

Barangay Sumimao Gym

September 12, 2023

Barangay Pañalum, Barangay Mabuhay, Barangay Paradise Embac, and Barangay Pandaitan

Barangay Pañalum Gym

September 19, 2023

Barangay Mapula, Barangay Salapawan and Barangay Lumiad

Barangay Mapula Gym

September 26, 2023

Barangay Inayangan, Barangay Dominga, Barangay Saloy and Barangay Megkawayan

Barangay Inayangan Gym

Panag-ambit is a community consultation which aims to let the community decide for themselves on what they want, what assistances they need, and let them determine what are those needs that should be prioritized.

Atty. Jonah Margarette F. Presto, Peace 911 Focal Person welcomed all the participants. She explained to them what is Panag-ambit and remarked to take advantage of the said activity so that the City Government of Davao will be able to deliver the services that are needed in their barangay. She hoped that through this activity, the residents and the government will be able to work together for the development and sustainability of peace in their community.

The participants, grouped by sector, were assigned the task of identifying and listing issues and concerns that have been addressed by Peace 911. They were then tasked with identifying the current issues and concerns within their community that require attention. Moreover, the participants from each sector collaborated to prioritize the issues and concerns that need immediate resolution.

Following the group activity, representatives from each group presented their output. Participants highlighted that the primary issue successfully addressed by Peace 911 was insurgency. They conveyed their gratitude for the restored peace within their community. The representatives also outlined their ongoing issues and concerns, along with the prioritization of problems that need to be addressed.

Finally, each group representative underwent an interview conducted by Peace 911. This interview aimed to discern the successes and challenges of Peace 911’s peacebuilding activities, as perceived through the experiences and observations of the residents.

Representatives from Barangay Councils thanked the Peace 911 for conducting the Panag-ambit activity in their barangays. They also thanked the residents who attended for actively participating in the said activity. They hoped that the conduct of the Panag-ambit will have a big impact in the peace and order of their community.

September 2023