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Dabawenyos unite to pray for world peace

The City Government of Davao through the City Mayor’s Office – Peace 911 conducted an Interfaith Prayer Rally for Peace in relation to the ongoing conflict in the affected areas in Middle East as well as in Europe. The prayer rally will serve as a platform for the citizens of Davao City to express their solidarity and support for peace in these troubled areas of the world. It also aims to raise awareness about the importance of peaceful resolutions and promote a culture of understanding and harmony among different nations.

All Dabawenyos, regardless of gender, religion, and culture, were invited to pray as one people for peace, without bias, discrimination, and inclination. The City Government of Davao believes that through this prayer rally, they may show the importance of interfaith solidarity, promote peace especially in times of violence, and provide prayers of protection for the people who are greatly affected by conflict.

Throughout the event, various prayer leaders, including Archbishop Romulo G. Valles representing the Archdiocese of Davao for the Catholic community, Allem Mohammad Y. Pasigan representing the Darul Ifta Wadda Wah Xi for the Muslim Community, Tumanuron Datu Boyson representing the Indigenous Peoples, and Pastor Noel C. Milloren representing Metro Davao Pastors Fellowship for the Christian community, took turns leading prayers for peace around the world.

The activity was participated by the National and Local Government Agencies, Deputy Mayors of the 11 Tribes, Councilors, Security Sectors, Barangay Captains, Schools and different members of the religious churches.

The Interfaith Rally for Peace stands as a powerful symbol of humanity’s ability to rise above religious divides for the greater good. As the world grapples with various challenges, this coming together of diverse faiths reminds us that true strength lies in unity. By fostering understanding, dialogue, and a shared commitment to peace, interfaith rallies inspire hope and lay the foundation for a more harmonious world. It is through events like these that we discover the common ground that unites us all, transcending the boundaries of belief and embracing the shared journey towards a more peaceful and compassionate future.

November 2023