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City leads Insurgency Free Davao Region Anniversary

On October 27, 2023, the Davao Region marked the first anniversary as an Insurgency Free with the theme: “Resilience and Unity: Celebrating a Year of Peace” which was held at Arcadia Event Center, Davao City.

The primary objective of the celebration was to commemorate the successful collective efforts that led to the elimination of insurgency within the Davao Region. The event aimed to recognize the contributions of various stakeholders and reinforce the commitment to maintaining a peaceful and secure environment to all regions.

The activity was participated by different Security Sectors, Legal Sectors, National and Local Government Agencies from Davao Regions, Friends Rescued and Indigenous People Structure.

Messages of encouragement and solidarity were conveyed by notable figures actively engaged in the pursuit of enduring peace in the Davao Region during the aforementioned celebration. The individuals who shared their support included Ms. Arian Jane Ramos- Former Secretary of Guerilla Front 55, SRC 5, SMRC, Mr. Tumanuron Boyson E. Anib, Sr.- Executive Council Member of IPS/ADMO Director, Secretary Leo Tereso Magno- Presidential Assistant for Eastern Mindanao, BGen Consolito P Yecla PA, Deputy Commander of the Eastern Mindanao Command and Hon. Sebastian Z. Duterte, City Mayor of Davao.

The Davao Region stands today as a testament to the power of unity, resilience, and collective effort as it joyously celebrates the first anniversary of being insurgency-free. It commemorates not just the absence of conflict but the triumph of collaboration, commitment, and unwavering determination.

The journey to an insurgency-free Davao Region was no easy feat. It required the coordinated efforts of government agencies, security forces, local leaders, and the resilient communities that call this region home. The eradication of insurgency reflects a shared commitment to fostering an environment where peace can flourish, enabling progress and development to take root.

As this activity is celebrated, it is crucial to remain vigilant and proactive in addressing any potential challenges that may arise. Ongoing collaboration between government agencies, security forces, and the community will be essential to maintaining the insurgency-free status in the Davao Region.

October 2023