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Marilog Barangay Officials receive Leadership Training

Barangay officials play a pivotal role in steering the ship of local governance. Recognizing the significance of effective leadership at the grassroots level, a transformative initiative has been set in motion by the City Mayor’s Office-Peace 911 — which is a comprehensive leadership training for barangay officials. The activity was held on December 6, 2023 at the Marilog Proper Gym, Marilog District Davao City. This endeavor seeks to equip the community leaders with the skills and knowledge essential for fostering positive change and sustainable development within their respective barangays.

The participants from this training were the Barangay Captain, seven (7) Barangay Councilors, one (1) Youth representative, one (1) Indigenous Peoples’ Mandatory Representations from the 12 barangays of Marilog District: Buda, Datu Salumay, Dalag, Salaysay, Marilog Proper, Magsaysay, Bantol, Gumitan, Suawan, Malamba, Tamugan and Baganihan.

Mr. Julius Nulla from the New Breakthrough Consultancy along with Mr. Sisoy Kintanar discussed about the 10 ingredients of an effective Davao City leader and the roles of being a transformational leader.

The training sessions fostered a collaborative learning environment where barangay officials can exchange experiences, insights, and best practices. Barangay officials were encouraged to identify and prioritize the needs of their constituents, ensuring that policies and initiatives align with the community’s aspirations. This approach aims to strengthen the bond between leaders and the community they serve. By equipping leaders with the tools to navigate challenges, promote transparency, and engage in participatory decision-making, the initiative anticipates a positive ripple effect that will contribute to overall community development.

The barangay officials are responsible for addressing the unique needs and concerns of their communities. The demand for capable and visionary leaders at the barangay level is more critical than ever. This leadership training initiative is a proactive response to this call, acknowledging that empowered leaders can bring about significant improvements in the lives of their constituents.

December 2023