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Sitio Mangani, Brgy. Tapak avails medical services and hygine kits

The City Government of Davao, through Peace 911 conducted medical mission and gift giving activity to the residents in Sitio Mangani, Barangay Tapak, Paquibato District, Davao City on December 19, 2023. The Peace 911, headed by Atty. Jonah Margarette F. Presto formed a team of health care professionals from City Health Office (CHO), Department of Health (DOH) and volunteers from private medical organization such as Mindanao Medical Foundation College- College of Optometry, Eyecare Deluxe, and New Hope Healthcare Corporation that brought specialized health care services such as ultrasound examinations, electrocardiograms (ECG), dental services and optometry consultations.

The activity of Peace 911 catered 355 residents in Sitio Mangani who availed health care services. Out of these, 135 residents received free medical consultation, 54 had their eyes checked, 100 children were seen by the pediatrician, 50 received dental services, while 16 availed themselves of the free electrocardiogram (ECG) test.

Furthermore, they also conducted a gift giving activity to the community where hygiene kits, slippers, and loot bags were given to the children and young residents of Sitio Mangani. The gift giving activity is in collaboration with the Davao City Investment and Promotion Center and SK Federation Davao, led by SK Federation President Councilor Kristine Abdul Mercado.

The activity is aimed to address the health care concerns of the residents because Sitio Mangani of Barangay Tapak is considered a Geographically Isolated and Disadvantage Area (GIDA) of the city. Majority of the residents had challenges in availing health care services because of their location and financial constraints. The intent of this activity is to promote the well-being of the residents as part of the Peace 911’s mission of promoting people’s participation and cohesive social relation in the Paquibato District.

December 2023